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    Production and sales of quality honey
                                              in Trentino Alto Adige (Italy)

B&B Corradini is also a producer of excellent honey, our enterprise produces two kinds of millefiori honey: the one produced at 1000 m. asl through our beehives near our house, and the one produced at a higher altitude, 1800 m. asl, where our beehives are expressly placed for this production.

Our two honey varieties differ widely in taste, smell and colour but both of them are unique.

Everyone knows the millefiori honey that our grandparents called “miel”.

Unfortunately this kind of honey differs from year to year as each time the many species of flowers bloom in a different way and period.

Our production, processing and potting are entirely traditional. Therefore, our honey is a high quality product but of limited supply.

Ancient men knew honey as a sweetener when sugar didn't exist.

Honey can be used and enjoyed in different ways: on bread, rusks, added to tea, milk, yoghurt and fruit cocktails.

Honey can be used when making sweets replacing sugar. As honey is a lot sweeter you'll need a lesser quantity of it.

Honey can be stored for a long time, but it's necessary to close the pot properly and to store it in a cool place.

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